10 Tips for B2B Lead Generation

10 Tips for B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation is every marketer’s favourite topic. Every marketer has their own favourite lead generation tactics they like to employ to gather high quality leads.


B2B lead generation is a longer and more complex process than typical B2C activities. Longer lead times, multifaceted decision making units and relationship building make the process of lead generation more sophisticated and nuanced.


We went through our favourite B2B lead generations strategies and tactics and pulled our favourite tips; compiling them into one short top ten list.


Read our top ten tips for B2B lead generation below.

Types of Lead Generation Tactics

There are two primary forms of lead generation – inbound and outbound. By using a mix of the two, you are able to reach your target audiences at every stage of the buyer journey.

Inbound leads are when you provide exciting organic content that draws prospects to you. One of the best examples of inbound lead generation is content marketing. Although the results aren’t as immediate, they are a great way to reach audiences unfamiliar with your brand and only at the first stage of their buyer journey.

Outbound leads, however, are commonly associated with ‘Interruption marketing’. An example of an outbound lead generation tactic might be direct mail or pay per click advertising on a search engine like Google.


Our Top Ten Tactics

B2B lead generation is much an art as it is a science. On the one hand a lot of our tips require creativity, flair and an element of luck; on the other, these activities are tied to reliable metrics and data-driven marketing activities.

1.    Add Quality Call-To-Actions (CTAs) to Your Content

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are what convert interested readers with a problem into prospects engaging with your business.  An example CTA might be ‘Call now’ or ‘Download your FREE eBook’. It is a direct prompt to get your customer to click and convert. For more information on writing your CTAs try this article from The Lead Agency.

2.    Build Exit Intent Popups into your Website

Exit intent pop-ups are pages that appear as you move your cursor to exit a page. They often provide an offer to a prospect in exchange for lead information such as email. Examples of incentives might be gated content or even a free audit or consultation. There are plenty of plugins you can download for WordPress.

3.    Create a Slideshare Presentation

If you regularly engage in content marketing for your business you might already be aware of Slideshare. Slideshare is hosted by LinkedIn, and offers presentations for free for business professionals. If you have the time, try converting some of your existing content into a slide.

4.    Gate Your Best Content

Gated content is a great lead generation. If your company has a great template or whitepaper that seems to be very popular, try adding a gate so that those who wish to download that content have to provide lead generation details. This is a fast way to build a database of relevant prospects.

5.    Build Your Own Online Course

Udemy is an online community where professionals can share their knowledge in the form of well-made video tutorials. If you have the resources at your disposal, why not develop a short course that matches your business’ specialty.

If you are an SEO expert, why not write about a niche area of SEO. Not only will you gain credibility for yourself and your business, you are also likely to generate quality leads who trust you and want your services.

6.    Reuse Content

New content doesn’t have to be original. There are many ways to spin your existing content in fresh and exciting ways. We have already mentioned Slideshare, but you could also develop custom infographics from a whitepaper you might have published.

Maybe turn one of your blogs into a podcast and invite a colleague with differing opinions to comment.

7.    Co-Write an eBook

Content is the lifeblood of inbound marketing. Consider collaborating on an engaging eBook with a fellow colleague. eBooks can range from a dozen to a few hundred pages and can be about anything. Businesses and stakeholders are always hungry for more information.


An eBook is also a great incentive to gain lead information in the form of gated content that we discussed earlier.


8.    Offer a Free Trial or Demo

Everyone loves a freebie. Give your prospects the opportunity to trial your services and see how great they are for themselves. This kind of giveaway will hopefully pay for itself as a percentage of leads learn they can’t live without it.


9.    Personalised Direct Mail Campaigns


The power of database marketing means you are able to target large groups with personalised messaging. Use your existing database to try and win customers with referrals or get them to buy existing products.


10. Blog regularly


Blogging is a great lead generation and can also drive traffic to your site – where, if it is properly optimised with great CTAs and internal linking – you are able to convert some of the leads into sales.


For more information about SEO, read The Lead Agency’s B2B marketing blog here. If you are looking for an Australian B2B marketing team to help your business contact The Lead Agency today.

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