10 Utensils Every Kitchen Needs

From aspiring mums to professional chefs, the kitchen is a battleground of spices, protein, carbohydrates, fibre, and so many more. To fully conquer the challenge and come out of the other side with a delicious, well-presented meal, kitchen utensils hold the key. In this article, we’re listing down the 10 kitchen utensils that every aspiring cook needs to have within their arsenal. 


Skillets can be useful to recreate your favourite pan-fry dishes or simply dash out a perfect sunny side up. The point is, you’ll always find a good use for them. Simply make the choice between aluminium, steel, or non-stick materials. Each has its own pros and cons, but that’s for you to choose from. 

Chef’s Knife 

A sharp knife not only cuts faster but also with more accuracy, which is highly important if you’re serious about your meals. With that aside, a chef’s knife also lasts for more years than one that is made with cheap steel. 

Cutting Board

Find a cutting board made of solid wood and try to avoid plastic or glass cutting boards. This is because plastic fibres and glass shrapnels can actually damage the knife in the long run. 

Heavy Pot

In the winter season when days are colder, you may crave soup or pasta. However, without a heavy pot, it would be very difficult to cook a dish with liquid as the base. Thank us later and get that heavy pot. 

Large Spoon

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Use them for stirring, mixing, scooping, and more. You get the idea. 

Measuring Spoons

This is especially important if you enjoy baking, as these spoons will come in handy when the recipe depends on very strict measurements. Find measuring spoons that are long enough and narrow enough to fit into a jar. 

Dry/Liquid Measuring Cups 

We would recommend purchasing a Pyrex, as they are microwaveable and sturdy. Try to avoid flimsy, plastic measuring cups, as they may not last for long and plastic fibres may get dissolved into hot liquid over time. 

Sheet Tray 

Baking or roasting wouldn’t be possible without this kitchen utensil. Ensure to aim for longevity instead of cheap materials that won’t last long. 


This versatile utensil allows you to peel the skin off different vegetables and fruits easily. We suggest purchasing one that is easy to clean and are rust-proof. 

Fine-Mesh Sieve

A dollar store can be your best bet on this one. This utensil does not have to be fancy, as they do their job quite well – from scooping blanched vegetables, draining stocks, rinsing grains, etc. 

What’s Next? 

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