3 things you’ll regret not knowing when moving abroad

So, you’re either in two boats:

Boat 1) You, or maybe your business, are moving overseas
Boat 2) You are thinking of moving overseas

It’s exciting even by itself of just entertaining the idea that you, or your business, is going to be in a different country with different people and culture. However, moving overseas also has it’s fair share of issues.

For starters, no one wants to end up in a situation where they forgot to do something they regretted not knowing which makes it the worst trip ever. No one wants that at all.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of 3 things YOU MUST know or you’ll regret when moving abroad. By implementing these 3 steps carefully and follow them, you could save a whole lot of time and prevent yourself from being in a challenging situation when going abroad. Another thing that can save you time and stress is to hire international movers. They can help you with everything from business relocations to moving house.

Have savings

Savings is one of those things ever since we’ve been young, we have been told to do. It’s one of those pieces of advice no one can go wrong with.

Savings can land you:

  • The extra vacation you want
  • The house you always wanted
  • An iPhone

However, when you’re making that big move overseas – savings is almost a MUST. Think about – do you want to be in a situation where you have absolutely no money? No.

No one wants to be in a situation where they have to scrap by whilst searching for a job in the new country they moved too.

Do you also want to be in a situation where you cannot even rent the place you’re staying in? Of course not.

So how do you solve this? By saving up all that extra cash and investing it into this trip. This will save you the stress and worry of paying for food and rent and serve as a great emergency backup in case you run into health issues.

So save. It definitely is worth preventing the hassle that could come up in the future.

Organise a job before going there

This is absolutely crucial. Imagine moving to the country you always wanted. You settle down, you’ve adjusted your home, and you’re basically in heaven.

Except . . . you forgot ONE thing.

A job.

Sure, you can search whilst your overseas and once you’ve settled. But why would you do that?

Do you REALLY want to be overseas stressing out over paying the bills when you could have comfortably searched for one back at home.

Slowly but surely, your bank account decreases and you end up having to work odd jobs just to maintain rent.

So do yourself a favour, and ensure that when you head of overseas, you look for a job and secure one prior to moving. This could save you a lot of headaches and prevent you from working a job you don’t like.

Let the people around you know that you are moving overseas

Friends and family are one of the many joys of life. Without them, who can we call on for our help in our times of need?

Make sure that if you’re moving overseas, this is your time of need and your time to call on help.

When you move overseas, telling everyone you’re moving means that you get to reconnect with the people you once knew. Maybe, you might forge a long lasting relationship with them overseas!

Secondly, informing them means you are going to save yourself a lot of trouble as they’ve most likely made mistakes when they were overseas.

Not to mention, it could potentially minimise homesickness. When you’re around friends and family overseas, you’ll more at home than compared to riding it solo.

So take our advice and tell everyone you know you’re coming!


Moving overseas is super exciting as we are all aware of. Experiencing a new culture, tradition is something everyone should experience at least once during their life time.

With that being said, it is very important that you take these tips into account and ensure that when you do move overseas. A good idea is to take help from a moving company to reduce stress – contact your movers in Auckland today.

From ensuring you have a job lined up overseas which will prevent the headaches of living, to having enough to basically live while you sort things will be the cornerstone of your success overseas.

Not to mention that when you inform your friends and family overseas, you minimise homesickness and learn a lot!

Which one of these tips will you implement today? Let us know.

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