9 Expert Flower Styling Tips

Truth be told, arranging flower decorations is really up to you. There are no hard and fast rules because you want to let your creativity shine through. With that being said, there are a few conventional tips that can help you arrange your next flower garlands, bouquets or vases. These tips can help with overall aesthetic as well as preserving the longevity of your flowers.

Water temperature

Although it seems common sense to put your flowers in water, the water temperature matters. Choose tepid/lukewarm water and flower preservative to help lengthen the bloom of your flowers. If you have closed bloom flowers, such as roses and ranunculus, lukewarm water will help them blossom.


There’s a reason why you’ll find florists using foam inside vases. Flower foam can help keep your flower designs up right and help with the overall aesthetic. Furthermore, make sure to soak the foam in water for about 15 minutes prior to using it and water it every day to keep your flowers fresh.

Cut the stem

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Before you place your flowers in whichever design you prefer, cut about an inch from the stem. This will help improve water absorption and keep your blooms fresh.

Arranging flowers

When you’re arranging flowers, choose the big blooms and place them first as you turn the design around to fit them in. Then add the airier flowers around followed by smaller blossoms. Leave room for intricate flowers and foliage like baby’s breath around the bigger blooms. This will help create a fuller illusion and symmetric design.

Vase height

If you’re looking to add some height to your bouquet, keep in mind one golden rule. Make sure that the height flowers are about one and a half times longer than the vase for optimal balance. Additionally, the width of the vase should balance the height just as much.

Skip the monochrome

If you want to add a touch of oomph, ignore the colour wheel and add an array of whimsy colours to your bouquet. It’ll definitely add a talking point and add something different.

Use everything

Don’t let anything go to waste! Use larger leaves to fill the vase and even leave a few draping down the side of the vase for added variety.


If you’re keen to avoid the monochrome theme, colour isn’t the only way you can spice up your floral arrangements. Opt for unconventional foliage like grass and ferns and play around with different textures. There’s no such thing as a wrong way to arrange flowers. 

Avoid sunlight

Although some flowers go in the direction of the sun, you will be better off keeping your flowers away from the sun and any heating vents. Fresh flowers bloom well without any extra heat around them. 

Although these tips seem self-explanatory, they can help extend the longevity of your flowers and create beautiful centrepieces. If you want to leave the hard work for the professionals, contact the Botanist, your award-winning florist Auckland CBD. Whether you’re looking for corporate flowers or wedding flowers, leave it to the Botanist for hassle-free online flower delivery!

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