Ask these 4 questions to INCREASE brand awareness

Without brand awareness, your brand cannot possibly exist in your consumers eyes.

How can people be aware of the product you are selling if it does not even reach the awareness stage of your consumers?

This is why learning how to optimise brand awareness is very crucial, so one can maximise the amount of people who witness your brand and from there, drive the sale.

The question however, is how can one increase brand awareness in an effective fashion? We have compiled 4 questions you MUST ask yourself when wanting to increase brand awareness. Being able to answer these questions with a confident ‘yes’ will ensure your brands advertising is maximised to get you the results that you would like.

What does brand awareness mean to you?

Brand awareness means something different to everyone. At its simplest definition, It is the effort your brand needs to spread its message to its audience.

As previously mentioned however, what brand awareness means to your company is an entirely different problem. One person in your team may suggest that content marketing is the best way to spread brand awareness as your business is online. Or, if you’re a charity, doing PR maybe the best solution to spreading awareness.

Based on your business, you’re going to have to figure out what brand awareness means to you and how you will drive traffic to your business based on your answer. Answering this question will solve most of your issues as it will give your brand a direction to spread awareness.

Are you on social media?

Social media is one of the biggest platforms one can use to spread brand awareness.

Best of all, it’s free.

Companies such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube have even created functions inside their platforms such as Google AdWords, and Facebook ads to help effectively spread brand awareness on their platforms.

The purpose of this is because these companies and people know that these platforms have a huge number of people present at scale.

However, you may ask your demographic may only be available at a certain location.

But that’s still not an excuse because there are features inside these tools which allow you to specifically target certain demographics and age groups to save you money and get your message sent to the right people!

The possibilities are endless but using social media is another excellent tool to spread brand awareness.

Do you have branded packaging?

To create a sale, first people must become aware of your product/service and the face of your company. The best way people know the brand is typically through customised promotional products with insignias or logos on.

Not having your logo stamps or a symbol of your brand on a certain package means you could be missing out on more customers knowing about your brand.

It could be that something as simple as sending packaging and not having your brand logo in it means people may even forget about the brand when wanting to buy or purchase a product in the future.

It becomes an issue where you could have missed out on a sale or two by missing something so simple such as branded packaging.

Do your customers get anything for free?

If you enter a mall and see someone giving out freebies or test samples, are you more likely to buy from them the next time?

Of course. But why?

The reason why is you have obviously given the quality promotional product a go meaning you know whether of the top of your head you like it or not. At the same time, who doesn’t like free stuff?

This by itself is the best recipe for brand awareness. People by nature love free things. So if you’re not giving them free things at all, how can you possibly spread awareness?

So moving forward, – isn’t’ the best solution to give free promotional products NZ first to spread that brand awareness? It could for example be office promotional items, such as company branded pens or personalised mugs.

Free things don’t have to cost money either. It could involve you going and helping a shelter, writing content on a website or a blog about things which genuinely can help other people.

The ‘how’ is up to you.


Asking these four critical questions will allow you to maximise the amount of awareness you can spread to your brand.

By failing to ask these questions, you could be missing out on numerous benefits your company does to increase brand awareness and therefore, more customers.

Obviously, the problems include getting things for free, branded packaging, social media, and brand awareness.

Asking these questions will therefore, bring you to a more succinct conclusion and shed more light on this issue.

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