How to choose a best Vacuum Cleaner

Before enforcing the no-shoes policy, you might opt for vacuuming which has a habit of leaving your surfaces, carpets and even fabric sparkling clean. As much as investing in vacuum cleaners is highly endorsed, picking the best from the horde needs ample attention on considerable factors such as; the make, features, type of cleaning, amount of cleaning and surfaces.

For obvious reasons, many may not consider the shape and appearance of the vacuum cleaner. In fact, it is always last of on their list, if not at all, when considering the best vacuum cleaner to buy. Appearance actually do matter, having a trendy vacuum cleaner by your side uplifts the spirit making cleaning even more enjoyable.

Nonetheless, the aesthetic of the vacuum cleaner won’t matter at all if it doesn’t get the job done. And things you should consider and start with when choosing the best vacuum cleaner include:


There are some unique features in vacuum cleaners that not only make them stand out but also increase their competence. One of such performance-improving feature is the brush on or off switching system. This feature protects the bare floor finishes from damage giving a plus to the cleaner having it.

Another feature is the motorized brush which beats off dust before sucking it up. It works outstandingly well when grooming carpets, which in turn can be turned off when cleaning bare floors. A vacuum cleaner with such features scores the most.

If you are a pet owner, the pet hair feature would appeal to you. The feature includes a rotating brush attached to the vacuum hose, beating up tuft of furs before sucking them.

A suction control is another useful feature that carefully cleans delicate draperies, fabrics and tools. Another feature to prudently consider is the bag-less cleaning feature which although provides a full suction in every cleaning saving time and the bother of emptying dirt, it can be horrendous to folks having asthma and other dust allergies. In that case, a vacuum cleaner with a bag would be the best choice.


After considering the features that would work best for your case, these are the options you may have and their upheld contemplation:

The Upright vacuum is the most popular tool with the friendliest price. Having a powerful suction alongside a brush bar, it is well equipped in cleaning out dirt and pet hairs from your carpets or rugs. There are various models having the brush roll (on/off) features with others being bag-less when others are having generously sized bags. There are a lot to choose from and it will down to your preferences.

The canister vacuums are bulkier compared to their Upright counterparts. However, when it comes to bare floor cleaning, they are the safest bet, outdoing the upright vacuums. Another essential advantage they have is the easiness in handling it offers, making them best suited in cleaning stairs, ceiling corners, curtains, upholsteries and hard-to-reach, underneath furniture spaces.

Stick vacuums share the same shape features as the Upright vacuums, in terms of body, the long handle and the foot nozzle. However, the stick vacuums are much lighter with most of their models being battery-powered imposing more convenience. They are primarily intended to collect surface litter such as spilled cereal and crisps. It is discouraging to consider it for conventional vacuuming, thus a more almighty vacuum cleaner can be bought to take that role.

Hand vacuums are miniature electric home appliance intended for light cleaning. What these hand machines lack in size and power, they make up for quick and light cleaning on short-pile carpets, bare floors and interior car cleaning. Also, when it comes to tight spaces, there is no better vacuum cleaner.

Robotic vacuums are digital vacuum cleaner operated by voice assistants and smartphone apps, making them your go-to vacuum when you want to do your chores whilst lounging on your couch or probably busy doing something else. They are great in squeezing into tight spaces under the sofa saving your back from the agony that comes with bending. However, they are not powerful enough to get the job done hundred-per cent. Thus you may need a broom or even a canister or upright vacuum to skim through later on.


This is one-factor many miss to consider when online shopping for vacuum cleaners. In reality, almost all models yield less than 85 decibels, but when working on echo-prone rooms, the noise is bound to get higher. Impressively, the canister vacuums have seen to produce relatively less noise compared to the other groups.

After close considerations of these factors, you may now need to visit offline stores to have the feel of pushing, pulling, lifting and even try out the controls and see if the features work with you.

Notably, choosing the best vacuum cleaners also goes hand in hand with checking out customer reviews online. It will be trivial to pick one right off the bat without looking for testimonials and supported laud from customers and professionals alike. Major sites like eBay and Amazon are the best avenues to get such reviews. Happy vacuum hunting!

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