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I’ve had years of experience in the insurance sector but when it comes to marketing, admittedly, I’m completely clueless. It wasn’t until after reading insider secrets to insurance marketing that I truly understood the intricacies of B2B marketing in the insurance industry.

In the past, I’ve struggled to find the information that I needed to build a strong marketing strategy in such a unique industry and, even when I did, often found the language used to be confusing. This eBook was accessible and explained each concept in clear terms and, as someone with hardly any marketing knowledge, that was something I really appreciated.

I feel as though I have a whole new, informed perspective on how to approach marketing to my clients. I know how to effectively retain the customers I’ve worked so hard to get, and have already started applying the concepts I’ve learnt to generate more valuable leads. How great is that! I can hardly believe I wasn’t using the strategies from this eBook before, these B2B marketing consultants really know what they’re talking about.

At our insurance business we hadn’t really delved into the realm of digital marketing. It all felt a bit too intimidating and, to be completely honest, I just didn’t know where to begin. Since reading the chapter on digital marketing in insider secrets to insurance marketing, developing an online strategy seemed much more achievable than before. This chapter helped me realise just how important of a role digital plays in growing my business.

Once I’d finished reading about digital marketing, I ended up getting in contact with a business to business marketing agency. They assisted our insurance business in creating a comprehensive website and, since setting it up, we’ve already started getting inquiries. My new knowledge of marketing means that I actually understand the reasoning behind the decisions made by the B2B marketing consultants, which has been great. When I initially met with them to discuss my future with digital, I knew I wanted a live chat function to be included on my website. The only reason I knew this, was because I’d read insider secrets to insurance marketing. It really did change my entire outlook!

We’re also starting to introduce more social media accounts and, so far, I love the experience. I’ve been able to connect with my existing and potential clients in an entire new way. It’s personal and, until reading this eBook, I never realised just how big of a positive impact it could have on my insurance business.

Now that I have some insight into marketing in the insurance sector, I understand the direction my business is going in and how to grow it even further. You can tell that the authors have extensive experience in the insurance industry, they really do know what they’re talking about. The tips are actionable, and they get results. I’ve found this eBook to be absolutely fantastic and, if you want to improve your business’ marketing in the insurance sector, I would highly recommend checking it out.

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