How To Extend The Life Of Your Flowers

Sad to see your flower arrangement start to decline and wilt? Sadly, flowers don’t last forever. However, follow these tips and you can extend the life of your flowers.

Recut the Stems

When fresh flowers are cut , they are cut from their life source resulting in a lack of food, nutrients and hydration. The stems heal over, meaning that when you are placing your fresh new bouquet of flowers into a vase of water, they are not able to stay hydrated. To avoid this, re-cut the stems before placing into a vase of water so that the seal is re-opened and the water can seep into the stems. When cutting the stems, it is best to cut with a knife rather than with scissors, cutting the stems on a 45 degree angle. By doing so, it will prevent air from seeking into the stems which can deteriorate the flowers.

Change the Vase Water

Change over the vase water every 2-4 days as bacteria and microorganisms will form which will shorten the life of your flowers. It is important when changing the water, that you are also cleaning the vase to remove all possible remnants of bacteria that may still be present.

Add Bleach

Adding a quarter of a teaspoon of bleach to a vase of water will help keep the vase water clean and prevents any microorganisms from forming. Be wary on how much you are adding though as too much bleach can ruin your flowers.


Take note of where you are storing your flowers. Flowers thrive in cooler temperatures. Keep them away from warmer areas such as windows (out of direct sunlight), fireplaces and heaters as these warm temperatures can cause the flowers to wilt and shrivel.


Sounds bizarre but by misting your flowers daily with water, it helps to prolong their lifespan as they are able to ‘drink’ this water up.

Clipping Leaves

Clip any leaves that are low enough that they sit below water level in the vase. This is because they can add to the bacteria contamination levels in the water and harm the health of your flowers.

Keep flowers away from fruit

Fruit produce a gas known as ethylene, which will cause your flowers to prematurely wilt. Therefore, do not store your flower arrangements near your fruit bowl.


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