Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about PR Guru’s online services? Scroll down below and you’ll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

PR Guru’s DIY Publicity Guide© :

When and how do I receive PR Guru’s DIY Publicity Guide

As soon as payment is processed and received in full, an email will be sent to you with a link to an URL to download the product. The guide will be provided to you in PDF format.

Can I get PR Guru’s DIY Publicity Guide in hard copy?

At this stage the guide is only available in PDF format. However, please contact us if you would like a bound copy when it becomes available and we will advise you of the cost including delivery.

Who is PR Guru’s DIY Publicity Guide aimed at?

Our guide has been written specifically for small Australian businesses with news to tell and a product or service to sell. You may be a small business, a start-up business, a home based business, a solo operator, mumpreneur, speciality food producer, self-publisher, tourism or bed and breakfast operator, small event/festival producer, a not for profit organisation or a sports organisation growing your membership.

What does the DIY Publicity Guide cover?

Our do-it-yourself, publicity blueprint includes: navigating and understanding the Australian media scene and social media world; identifying what makes news in your business; setting up your own database of media contacts; planning a media campaign using our 10 step plan; writing punchy media releases, backgrounders, media notifications and event notices; preparing your business for customers to ensure that you are ready when the phones start ringing; media training tips and organising interviews; sending out media materials, story pitches and follow up; utilizing social media including blogging and twitter; collating and reporting results with links to free media monitoring; reviewing the success of your campaign and preparing for the next.

There’s over 20 lists of tips, templates and examples, a media training guide, rules for writing, do’s and don’ts, real-life scenario’s, links and a glossary.

Australian Media Database Contact lists:

What details are included in PR Guru’s media database lists?

Each list has the name of the media contact and their title, media outlet, contact number and email address. However in the case of news editors, you will generally receive the generic title news editor or chief of staff. In a few cases we have provided a generic email contact and phone number, due to the nature of that media’s protocols and the way they work.  Some online media operate online only and when there is an email address supplied and no phone number, it usually means that that is the way they like to be contacted – unless of course you are able to build a relationship with them.

What if I get bouncebacks?

We take all reasonable steps to ensure our media lists are accurate. However, there may be instances when the email address bounces back undelivered, where a mail-box is full or where a contact cannot be found. If you find that an email bounces back because the person has changed, please contact us with that address immediately and we will provide you with another contact within 1 working day.  Alternatively, use the phone number provided for that media contact if you’d like to call them directly.  Be aware that some of the bouncebacks will be journalists/producers who are on holidays and they will probably give you an alternative contact – otherwise, you’ll have to wait until they return.  We will provide an alternative email address if the bounceback comes within one month of purchase of that list.

Why is PR Guru’s media database different from other lists on the market?

Our lists have been individually compiled, used, refined and updated over many years by our PR Gurus. They are segmented so that you can target specific interest areas and individual contacts most relevant to your business or product as we know that’s when you get the best results.

How are PR Guru’s lists supplied?

Our lists are supplied in an Excel document so that you can ‘cut and paste’, add your own comments alongside each contact or add your own contacts to that list.

How soon can I expect to receive my PR Guru lists?

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive the media database by return email.

How accurate is PR Guru’s media database?

We’re constantly collating, reviewing and updating our media contacts so that they are accurate. These are our own media lists built up and used regularly. However, due to the changing nature of the media, there may be changes that we don’t know about yet and we welcome feedback regarding changes. If you find that an email bounces back, see ‘What if I get bounce backs’ above. We will provide an alternative email address (if there is one) within one month of the purchase of that list.

If you’ve purchased multiple lists, you may find that some names are repeated on these lists. This is because that person is responsible for several areas. For instance, they may be a features editor who is also responsible for book reviews and new product features and therefore appears in all three lists.

I can’t find a list that suits my business?

If you’re unsure which media list to use or can’t find one that you’re looking for, contact us and we may be able to direct you to an appropriate list or create a list for you.

Write My Press Release:

How many changes can I make to my Press Release?

We have allowed for three amendments after the initial release is sent back to you so it’s important that you include as much information as possible in your initial  Questionnaire. We always produce high quality work to the best of our ability, and it must be understood that we depend greatly on the source material that you provide us. If you require us to make more amendments please contact us and we will work through them with you.

How long does it take before I get my Press Release?

EXPRESS: We’ll deliver your press release within 24 hours or one working day upon receipt of your completed Questionnaire. However, if the Questionnaire is lodged at 4:50pm or later on a Friday evening, then it will be available at 4:50pm or later the following Monday.

STANDARD 4 days: Upon receipt of your completed Questionnaire, PR Guru will deliver the first draft of your press release within four working days.

I need the press release written asap!

We can fast track your media release and turn it around in 24 hours or one working day. If you would like to take our fast track Express service, please add the Express service to your Shopping Cart and we’ll have the first cut within one working day.

What if I don’t want my press release hosted on PR Guru’s Newsroom?

To give you a kick start with your campaign we’ve included free PR Guru Newsroom hosting of approved media releases. If you don’t want your release hosted there, please opt out at the time of purchase. Or, if you change your mind and don’t want your press release hosted once you have signed off on it, please let us know in advance and we can publish it at a later date. PR Guru reserves the right to decide which media releases to host and when. If we decline your release, please don’t be offended.

What happens after you’ve purchased Write My Press Release?

Once you’ve signed up and paid, you’ll receive via email, a log in identification number. You will then need to go back to and use this ID to log in from the Write My Press Release page. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire.  You can save a draft and add more to it at a later date. Once you have completed it, save it as Final, and we will assign it to a Writer who will deliver it in four working days. This questionnaire will give us key information on your business and your news, as well as background material such as who you are targeting, who your spokesperson is, who the release is aimed at and so on. As you know your business better than we do, be sure to provide lots of information in the Questionnaire so that we can produce a dynamic media release for you.

What if I can’t identify a newsworthy angle?

Our PR Guru’s DIY Publicity Guide has lots of ideas on what makes news as well as advice on conducting a successful campaign. Alternatively, to get you started, sign up for our FREE Tips on What Makes News In Your Business. There’s 38 ideas that cover new businesses, products or services, industry or employee achievements, community involvement, environmental initiatives and more. At the same time you’ll get Taboo PR Guru’s Newsletter where we share some of our insider secrets, interview editors as well as small business owners, tips on getting media coverage, keep you informed of special offers, media updates and much more.

Who will write my press release?

A professionally trained, experienced writer who is either a journalist or Public Relations communications professional will be assigned your press release. They will draw on the source material that you provide in your Questionnaire so be sure to include everything.

Does a PR Guru press release guarantee that I’ll get media exposure?

It is worth noting that unlike advertising, sending press releases to the media does not guarantee your story to be published.  PR Guru has no control over which press releases are picked up by the media. Stories are selected at the editorial discretion of the media outlet. We do know though that a good media list helps!!