How to Find a Good Estate Lawyer?

Real estate might become a pain on your deathbed if you do not take good care about drafting a will. It is your demise that shall bring forth the conflicts among your dependents unless a legal document is framed entailing the proportion of funds to be entrusted to each of your beneficiaries. Australia has recently seen an upsurge of these cases because of the increasing number of members in a family. Estate lawyer Melbourne comes to your rescue while you grieve over your problem of drafting the will.

There are a few things that require consideration before you knock on your advocate’s door. Before embarking on a task, you need to chalk out a plan, and it is no different when searching for an estate lawyer Melbourne. These rules concern a few parameters that are worth checking for they give a better picture of the lawyer in question.



Conditions to Select a Good Estate Lawyer


A Short Tip

A three-step process can be seen to develop while on the hunt for an attorney to manage your real estate:

  • Research
  • Consultation
  • Decision


  1. Gathering enough Background Information

Before approaching an estate lawyer Melbourne, you must perform extensive research of all the advocates in your neighbourhood or outside. The internet gives access to a number of directories for reference. Parameters such as years of experience, association with government courts, etc. are essential to look at before coming to a decision.

Besides that the information gathering should also aim at recognising the area of work of the lawyer. The type of real estate for instance, plays a huge role in choosing a lawyer. The work varies depending on whether the estate is a residential or commercial one.


  1. Consulting Bar Associations

A bar association is helpful in connecting you with an attorney of your choice. Bar associations within the state lend an ear to your requirements and find a suitable lawyer to deal with your case. They are a reliable source for collecting information as well. The bar associations present within the state of Melbourne are helpful enough to give you the contact details of an estate lawyer Melbourne.


  1. Reviewing the Terms of Service

After reaching out to your estate lawyer Melbourne you are bound to talk about the fees charged for the service. However, before discussing the fees check the rates of assistance from some of your acquaintances who have previously dealt with an estate attorney. Although the rates vary depending upon the complexity of your case, having a rough idea beforehand helps you to take a decision.

It also involves checking out references who are willing to give you a feedback about the quality of service of the lawyer in question. Often you will find good feedback if the lawyer is of high repute. As a result of the high reputation, the charges incurred are high, and you might be tempted to think twice before handing your case to an estate lawyer Melbourne.


  1. Judging the Communication Skills

An effective communication ensures that the case goes on smoothly without financial or administrative impediments. In order to judge whether an estate lawyer Melbourne is really interested in dealing with the case, you must concentrate on his style of speaking. Someone who is too busy to cater to your needs will show little interest in talking with you. Curt replies are a good indication that the person won’t give sufficient attention for a quick solution to the matter.

A good estate lawer must listen to your problems with intent and therefore bestow upon you a sense of trust. In spite of talking less, a lawyer might be eager to look upon your matter. It is therefore indispensable to give him some time by setting up a number of meetings with the person. If he shows detachment after the third or fourth meeting, you can be sure of his unwillingness to take up your case. Remember, a prima facie evidence of a lawyer’s offhandedness isn’t an absolute indicator of his disinterest to deal with your matter.


  1. Checking upon your Requirement

It is worthwhile to know whether you really need to seek out an estate lawyer. For instance, according to the laws of some countries if you are the parent of an only child, then your property is automatically bequeathed to him after your death or once you frame the will specifying his legal ownership. In such cases it is not worthwhile to visit a lawyer and waste a couple of dollars.

In cases where the person is having more than one child or no children, a lawyer can provide effective suggestions for a dispute-free division. Estate lawyer Melbourne, apart from framing your will, suggests you whether it is indeed worthwhile to call on a lawyer.


  1. Memberships being the Key

A good estate lawyer Melbourne is often attached with one of the organisations or societies dedicated to publishing content relevant to real estate planning. Some of the professional societies like the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel are there to help you with the consultation process. It may be difficult for inhabitants of Australia to turn to this particular society, but a quick chat over email or telephone will generate some leads.


  1. Reviewing the Costs

You cannot afford to spend riches on a single case, can you? You have to understand how much you are willing to spend on the case and then sign a petition with your lawyer about the future costs. It will be wise to draw up a written agreement enlisting the basis of the costs. If it turns out that your lawyer charges you for each page of a document it is better than you look for an immediate replacement.

Estate lawyer Melbourne gives you the perfect estimate for the total expenses in the trying of the case as a result of which you can separate your funds for the trial. A healthy relationship between you and your lawyer reduces the costs. In short, it is better to be safe than sorry while dealing with attorneys in serious matters related to the property.


  1. Asking Questions

Some follow up questions ensure that the bond between you and your lawyer is tightened to the fullest extent. It helps to clear doubts and queries that you hold Estate lawyer Melbourne persuades you to clarify your doubts regarding the attorney functions and costs. They make sure that you are well aware of the tenure of the case and the costs involved in the numerous stages. This helps you to make a fair estimate of whether it is worthwhile to proceed with the jury.


Parameters to Judge Estate Lawyers

There are a few parameters that are used to judge the usefulness of an estate lawyer.

  • Pricing—Does your lawyer charge you for every session? Does he talk about the fees too often? All these are indications that he might be a person who will milk you for cash and then eventually land you with nothing.
  • Availability—Is your lawyer always ready to listen to your worries? A serious lawyer keeps a list of the things that you query and organizes his answer in a structured fashion. Beating about the bush is enough to tell you that he is fake.
  • Recognition—Is your lawyer associated with some of the professional bodies? It is worthwhile to check the memberships if you want to keep faith on your attorney.
  • Reviews—Just like a product in the market lawyers will have good reviews if they are good enough in handling cases. The online websites listing the name of the attorneys also mention the reviews associated with each of them.
  • Knowledge— Although it is very difficult to get hold of a person’s knowledge you can get a good understanding of the lawyer’s skills if you read through his drafts and wills. Good grammar and vocabulary in the writings are indicators that the person is trustworthy.

An estate lawyer Melbourne has a special charm showered upon him. The client feels at ease to talk, discuss and question his actions on the matter at hand.




The key rules to choose a good lawyer are pricing, availability and responsiveness and these are the factors to determine whether it is worthwhile to invest upon a lawyer with your case. In a nutshell a good estate lawyer must give you an opportunity to bring a hassle-free solution for your real estate inheritance problems. This field does not teach you to be humble; it asks you to be outspoken and candid. You either become a winner or a loser in getting your case solved. So make sure that you follow the simple steps above while resorting to the services of your attorney. With a good attorney firm you can solve such issues without any hassle.

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