Five Tips for managing the new ASB ruling on Facebook brand pages

Our recent issue of Taboo, alerted readers to the new Advertising Standards Bureau’s (ASB) ruling on Facebook brand pages. Basically, they have indicated Facebook pages are in fact advertising for business.  Therefore, if you’re responsible for managing the page, you’re also responsible for your fan’s comments and that means 24/7.

To help you manage the additional time and resources required, here’s a summary of five tips provided by Shaun Rowlands from the Reading Room.

  1. Set the house rules: Tell your community what is accepted and what isn’t. Outline your rules in a clear, concise manner and state the consequences of breaking them. If someone doesn’t like what you’re saying maybe they shouldn’t be there.
  2. Manage the conversation efficiently: Various tools are available when managing large volumes of content. Rowlands suggests Buddy Media’s Conversation Buddy which allows you to set ‘alert words’ that send an email to you if a comment has breached your ruling, in some cases it will automatically delete a post. You must view every post on your page daily so you don’t miss anything.
  3. Prioritise: Develop a list of priorities and determine how and when you will respond. Some posts will require immediate action: if a racist or degrading comment is made deal with it as soon as possible. False or misleading claims about your product also require a timely response but not as much urgency.
  4. Delete or respond? If a message is offensive and goes against your rules take it down. If a genuine post has been made but is incorrect respond to it and provide the facts.
  5. Don’t give your fans ammunition: Avoid conversation starters likely to encourage your community to post remarks not in line with the ASB’s Code of Ethics. Not only will you have a nightmare on your hands trying to censor everything, your fans will become sick of you removing everything and will become bored.

Remember, your site is your business and community, it’s your responsibility to protect the integrity. Don’t be disheartened by the ASB ruling just realign your goals, plan your Facebook interaction, set some sensible rules and manage your content diligently.

We trust it doesn’t take the shine or edginess off your site!

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