Global Marketing Breakthrough In 2017

One of the most innovative new digital marketing tools, Marketing Automation software can be used to track and communicate with prospective leads in a personalised manner. Marketing Automation software has seen a substantial growth in agency use during 2017.

Marketing automation is an umbrella term for any software that allows marketers to automate many of the most repetitive marketing actions, such as emails, social media posts and website actions. Many marketing platforms contain some integrated marketing automation software but there are also separate software packages offering more complete marketing automation. To learn more read a beginners guide to marketing automation.

If you wanted to retarget everyone who’s given their email in exchange for a PDF eBook available on your website, with a relevant follow up email campaign. You would likely use marketing automation software to streamline this process.

Trending Software of 2017

Implementing the newest technology is crucial in marketing campaigns, this innovative technology saves agencies time and generates results by assisting in fundamental marketing processes including; lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell and up-sell customer retention and marketing ROI measurement.

Marketing Automation is the simple approach to digital marketing by approaching leads, with relevant marketing communication across media channels of; email marketing, social media marketing, web and SEO. Leading agencies’ and their clients are choosing to implement this software to have the competitive advantage, with measurable results at an affordable price. Businesses are seeing a rapid increase in leads and sales by incorporating this technology into marketing strategies.

IDC saw the overall market for automation grow from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $4.8 billion in 2015 alone

Is this marketing automation or automation in general? Who are the IDC

Marketing Automation helps digital marketing agencies streamline automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. The technology is becoming essential for any large-scale business especially for managing the increasing number of channels marketing required to manage.

Agencies can expect more streamlined sales pipeline and higher revenue with this advanced technology. Yet, with only 22% of companies are effectively using automation software today, it seems that companies can benefit further from this technology by using it to its full potential (Source).

E-marketers national Case study on agencies that adopted marketing automation

A benchmark study conducted by E-marketer found that 95% of companies reported some benefits from adopting marketing automation. Companies can expect to achieve an increase in marketing staff productivity between 1.5% and 6.9% and an increase sales productivity by an average of 4%. Marketing Automation brings value and ROI to your numerous marketing efforts.

The Automation Software provides a central marketing database for all your marketing data and detailed prospect and customer interactions and behaviours, segmenting the right message to each customer with a systematic record. With an analytics engine provided in the software marketers can test, measure and optimise marketing ROI and impact on revenue. 22% of companies are using the software today, it seems that companies can benefit from this technology are not using it.

Marketing Automation is for all types and sizes of businesses B2B and B2C organises as it has proven to have increasing effect revenue. To prove how great this resource in to the industry here are a few case studies featuring its positive effects:

SmartBear Case Study: 200% increase in lead volume

SmartBear Software, was rapidly growing and decided to implement CRM software and marketing automation software. The team decided to bring in an outside consultant to expedite the implementation and this consultant helped speed up the learning curve through training.

The team started with a few email campaigns. When they began to see results, they implemented lead nurturing to maintain high volumes of leads for various product groups for their consumers.


  • Lead generation increased 200%,
  • 80% of leads world-wide were derived from automated trial downloads
  • 85% of SmartBear’s revenue and ROI increase was sourced from the trial download leads

Paper Style Case Study – 330% Increase in Revenue is a invitation card and stationery specialist. With the help of WareoWear they create a marketing automation campaign that targeted brides, based on their actions in emails and on their website.

Paper Style’s marketing automation campaign focused firstly, on the audience who clicked on a wedding link in any Paper Style email, Purchasing wedding or bridal shower products and who may by visiting a wedding-related page on the site.

Based off of their customer’s actions, a tailored email was sent – in a timely manner – to the customer with relevant marketing messages. For example, if a bride had purchased favours, they would then receive an email regarding “thank you” cards a few days later. But if it was a friend of the bride who purchased bachelorette tiaras, for example, then they would receive wedding gift ideas.


  • 244% Open-Rate increase
  • 330% Revenue increase per mailing list
  • 161% Click-Rate increase


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