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Linear Land Surveying is the new company name for the former Carson Simpson Pty Ltd Box Hill Practice.  Linear land Surveying is a Land and Engineering Surveying and Development Consultancy firm and has been in combined operation across its evolution since 1988.

We are here to help get your land development project off to a great start. Our qualified staff consists of director of the company Samuel Brewin and consultant Richard Simpson who are both Licensed Surveyors, together with experienced and qualified surveying staff, complemented by our office support staff.

We offer a full array of services and Linear Land Surveying provides a broad range of other specialist surveys and services. Below are our main services on offer:


Feature & Level Survey

Councils, town planners, architects and building designers use Feature Level Surveys to see a whole range of factors when assessing what’s possible regarding design, construction or any land subdivisions.

Linear land surveying prides itself on the detailed, cost-effective Feature and Level Surveys, utilising the best available contemporary surveying technology. Call us today to receive your free no obligation quote.

Re-establishment Survey

A Re-establishment Survey is needed when an accurate definition of your property boundary needs to be redefined. In Victoria, a Title Re-establishment can only be performed by a Licensed Surveyor. In any situation, our title re-establishment survey can establish the boundaries of your property based on accurate, professional measurements incorporated with historical data.

Sight Analysis Survey

Sight Analysis Survey are also called ResCode Surveys, Site Descriptions, and Site Context Plans. The survey allows town councils to identify the all properties within a 50 mile radius of the development to ensure it suits the neighbourhood. Linear Land Surveying supply site analysis surveys across greater Melbourne, allowing our clients gain approval from the appropriate authority for any development projects.


Subdivision Survey

The subdivision process can be complicated. Dealing with council planning schemes, provisions and referral authorities can seem daunting. We offer a variety of land surveying and development services can guide you through the entire subdivision process from the start through to the end.

Application survey

Linear Land Surveying can provide you with the required documentation for any applications to Land Use Victoria. We can provide Licenced Surveyors report, Plan of survey and Abstract Field Records.



Linear have many services to help you when you are planning a development of a property or dealing with a current property. We are experts in identifying your needs and finding the best solution for you. For expert advice from a professional land surveying company in Victoria Call Linear Land Surveying on 03 9873 8888. We can assure you that our expertly qualified staff will be able to assist you with your needs, provide advice and tailor a plan to suit your requirements.


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