What You Need to Know When Ordering Steel Pipe

Steel pipe Perth buyers often find it confusing when ordering the steel pipe. As steel pipes are widely used across the industries there are many types of it are available in the market. These steels are primarily designed considering their commercial and technical purposes. However, choosing a particular one is difficult as it needs many considerations. Hence as a steel pipe Perth buyer you must know the basics of steel pipe before you place the order.

In this article, we will describe the areas of steel pipe properties that should be looked in as the selection parameters for any buyer.


What are the different types of Steel Pipes available in the market?

Steel pipe Perth manufacturers classify steel pipes into two broad categories:

  • Seamless
  • Welded

Welded steel are sub-categorized into many other types as follows:

Welded Steel

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) – with filler metal welding

  1. Straight seam
  2. Single seam
  3. Double seam
  4. Spiral seam
  5. ERW/EFW and HFW – no filler metal welding


What should you look for while ordering steel pipe?

  • Piping Specification

A piping specification is a technical document that every steel pipe Perth company provides to the customers to address product or application specific additional requirements. It is a scope to address special requirement. Hence, as a purchaser, you must make sure that you explicitly specify your custom requirement in the specification document. Furthermore, custom requirements mentioned in the specification document must be met.


  • Length of the Steel pipe

Measuring the length of the area that the steel is going to cover is one of the crucial consideration points. Because unless you provide it correctly, it will be a waste of money. In addition to that, the correct measurement makes the installation process easy for you or for the person whoever is going to install it.


Here as a steel pipe Perth buyer you must know there are two types of steel based on the length categories:

  • Single random pipes
  • Double random pipes



  • Size of the Pipe

Diameter is another vital measuring criterion of a steel pipe. If the diameter of a pipe is below 14 inches, it is measured by its inside diameter. On the other hand, if the diameter is above 14 inches, you should measure its outside diameter. These techniques make the measurement of pipe size easier. Another critical factor that should be considered here is that different diameters pipes must not be used for fitting together as it will not work. Hence, before ordering the pipe, provide the correct measurement to your steel pipe Perth manufacturer.


  • The grade of the steel

Steel pipe comes with different grades and different features. World Steel Association mentions around 3,500 different grades of steel. Steel pipe grades are based on its two properties –

  • Based on its mechanical properties
  • Based on the chemical make-up


There are other subgroups with different labels under each steel grade. Hence, as a steel pipe Perth buyer you need to analyze which grade of steel is the most suitable one for your project. Improper researching results in wrong grade selection and consequently either your final product will not last as long as it is expected to be or it will not fit your project at all.


  • Type of the steel

We have mentioned in the beginning that there are different categories of steel pipes available in the steel pipe Perth manufacturing industry. Not all the projects need the same grade of material. Hence, as a purchaser, you should be selective in choosing the right grade for your requirement. Here the decision is whether you should go for seamless or welded grade steel and relevant reason behind it.

Welded steel is readily available, and it is more affordable as well. On the other hand, seamless grade steel is more durable, less prone to weak spots, and also aesthetically appealing.  However, recent developments in steel manufacturing have enhanced the durability of the welded steel pipe. Hence, as a purchaser, you must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each of the steel pipe grades before placing the order of the pipe.



  • Pipe end

Steel pipes come in different end types and based on that you need to select the weld fittings types which are also an important criterion when you have a requirement to join several pipes together.

Here are the different types of pipe ends available in steel pipe Perth manufacturing:

  • Plain Ends 
  • Beveled Ends
  • Threaded Ends
  • Socket & Spigot Ends
  • Flanged Ends
  • Buttress Ends


As we have discussed on the different consideration factors of steel pipe, it is clear that as a new user you need to do groundwork before ordering the steel pipe for your project. However, proper information from the steel manufacturer also makes the process easy. Hence, selecting an experienced and quality steel pipe supplier is also an important factor here.

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