What You Need to Know When Ordering Steel Tube

Steel Tube Sydney manufacturing is one of the most prominent steel products from the range of products available in the market. Steel tubes are widely used for domestic and as well for industrial purposes. Due to its strength and durability, it is mainly used in construction engineering and automobile industries.


However, with its different shapes like round, rectangular or square, the metal alloys into it and their properties vary too. For steel tube manufacturing, steel tube Sydney companies choose from carbon steel to stainless steel or even cast iron. The selection of material solely depends on the purpose of its usages like whether the tubing will be for pneumatic, hydraulic or industrial projects.


Similarly, as a steel tube Sydney purchaser you also must evaluate a few factors before placing the order of steel tube for your project. In this article, we will highlight some considerable factors for choosing the right steel tube.


Know the criteria to order the right steel tube


  • The type of the alloy


Stainless steel is a generic term which covers a series of combinations of the alloy. The alloy may fall under below series –

  • 300 -austenitic
  • 400 -ferritic
  • 400 – martensitic
  • precipitation hardening
  • duplex grades

Hence, before you place the order to a steel tube Sydney supplier, make sure you are clear about the kind of materials that is the best suited for your requirement.



  • Mention the hardness and temper level 


Temper and hardness, these two mechanical properties of steel measure a lot for the steel tubes as it needs to withstand extreme weather and environmental factors like temperature, pressure and other destructive elements. Hence, based on your project place and usage you need to specify the necessary hardness and temper for the steel tube. For example, for a grade of hypodermic tubing which is made from T316 and T304 stainless steel, a temper of full hard #3 is very common.


  • Specify your need for the steel tubing specification 


For a quality steel tube you may opt for designations to certify your product. A good steel tube Sydney supplier often provides the options for a variety of specifications which are internationally accredited. Some of them are like AMS, ISO, ASTM, and ASME. These accreditations work as the assurance on the quality of the tubing material properties like elongation, tensile, flattening, yield, hardness, hydrostatic and many more.


  • Cross-sectional dimensions of the tube


Sometimes steel tubing diameter becomes an essential factor for specific applications. Most steel tube Sydney manufacturers produce steel tubes keeping its diameter in considerations. Here are the dimensions considered in different scenarios:

  • For standard tubing – Exact wall thickness and outside diameter
  • For sensitive application – Diameter must be adjusted with dimension and wall thickness of the tube.
  • For tight tolerance in both sides of the tube – Theoretical wall thickness.


  • Length of the steel tube


Stainless steel tube maintains a standard length from 10-ft to 20-ft. However, depending on the project requirements and delivery purpose a steel tube can be cut to small lengths. Steel tolerance often depends on its length. So, before you order the tube specify its length and requirement of the tolerance.


  • Mention the straightness


Stainless steel is produced in considerable straight conditions. However, where straightness is a critical criterion, suppliers need to perform additional straightening operations on it to ensure desired requirements.


  • Exact roundness type


The roundness of the steel tube can be of different forms like an oval, concentric or eccentric. Hence, you need to understand which one would be the ideal for your requirement and accordingly inform your steel tube Sydney supplier.


  • How clean should it be for the application purpose?


If you are going to use the steel tube for commercial purpose, then it must be cleaned enough so that when visually inspected through magnifier no dirt, oil, grease and other components will be identified. This is very much vital to ensure that there is no cause of rejection of the tube in final application.




As we have discussed on the different consideration factors of steel tube, it is clear that as a new user you need to do groundwork before ordering the steel tube for your project. However, proper information from the steel manufacturer also makes the process easy. Hence, selecting an experienced and quality steel tube supplier is also an essential factor here.

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