Do NOT make this mistake when spreading brand awareness

Spreading brand awareness is an absolute must for any business. How else is your product going to get any buyers or at the least, any attention without any form of marketing? Imagine that you just moved office to a new neighbourhood and your business is a local business depending on local customers. It is now really important to reach out to the potential customers in the surroundings in some way.

The benefits of brand awareness are enormous and will allow you to maximise the chances of your products being purchased if it done effectively. However, knowing what not to do be argued as far more important than knowing what to do.

For example, it could take years to build trust with a friend. Lie once, and it could completely tarnish the entire relationship. That’s the exact same thing that could happen if your brand awareness is not on point. So what must we NOT do when spreading brand awareness? What is the ONE thing which you could not be doing that isn’t effectively spreading the message of your brand as much as you would like it too?

Mistake #1 – Not branding your products

Let’s look at a soda can as an example.

If someone hands you a can to drink, the first question you’re going to ask is what flavour is it? Or, what is it for that matter? However, if someone hands you a can with a brand you can recognise such as a coca cola can, you’re more aware and feel a sense of trust as you’ve consumed the brand for a while probably.

So why should the same not apply to your products? What could you be missing out on if you do not brand your products?

You could be missing out on people knowing your brand

Relating to the above example, seeing a brand such as Pepsi will give you an indication on who they are and recall your past experiences with the brand. The same would go with a Samsung logo, apple, you name it. But imagine, if coca cola never branded their products. Or, there was no apple located on your apple iPhones.

How would one even come to recognise who the brand is and what they stand for? Could you even trust the product you’re about to buy? Or let alone, be aware in that moment of who they are?

Branding your products or any products for that matter helps increase your awareness much more than not doing it. It could be company branded promotional items such as branded shirts or company branded pens.

Your chances of credibility go downhill

Imagine speaking to someone face to face about potentially buying a product. Except, the person’s face is completely covered by a hoody or some other sort of apparel to hide their identification. Would you trust that person?

Probably not, but why?

The problem lies in the fact that you don’t know who the person is, where he/she is from at all. They may offer a great product if you took the risk to buy it. But there is a higher risk involved as you have no idea about the persons past or who they are in that moment.

That’s the same thing that can happen when you don’t brand your products. People don’t know who you are, what you sell, and can feel a sense of distrust.

You could get your idea stolen

So even if your brand is kicking of, and maybe you are increasing your customer base without the branding products, there is ONE more issue you could run into…

That is, your idea could easily be stolen if you had not branded or patented in the first place. You may be doing something such as a charity event and not effectively branding an event style you do which could lead to another person plagiarizing that idea.

The best way to make sure is to brand everything to people know that it belongs to you. Yes, people still plagiarise either way, but this will decrease your chances much more.


Whether you’re a charity, or a small business, you understand that spreading brand awareness is vital. Without it, who would hear about your product? No one would hear about your product and no one would invest or buy into it.

How it’s done is also equally as important as discussed above, especially through branding certain products. Not doing this can lead to credibility issues, distrust between you and the user, and your ideas stolen.

Will you make a change in your brand awareness style by investing into branded products? Create your corporate branded items today.

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