Orrcon Steel and GM Poles Shine

Orrcon steel is one of the leading Australian steel distributor and manufacturers, with a vast range of products and services that cater to every category:

  • Tube and Pipes
  • Hot Rolled Structural Steel
  • Building products
  • Roofing Products
  • Fencing products
  • Fire pipe
  • Coating and Finishes

Orrcon steel supplies structural steels like RHS, SHS & CHS, and hot rolled steel. The company is valued for it’s invaluable customer service and extensive industry knowledge, commitment, quality, dedication, and flexibility.

Orrcon steel caters their services to all ranges of customers like

  • Steel Fabricators
  • Trailer body manufacturers
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Construction companies
  • Housing companies
  • Infrastructure engineering firms
  • Pipeline engineering firms

Precision circular tube and Rectangular Hollow section are the two premium products of the company that come under their Tube and Pipes sections. In this article, we will discuss how one of the clients/partners of Orrcon steel achieved maximum benefits in their project by using the above mentioned two products.


The product solutions by Orrcon steel

Precision Circular tube: The precision circular pipe of Orrcon steel complies with AS1450 and comes in a wide range of sizes. Furthermore, it strictly follows ISO9001 standards. This ensures the highest standards of the steel product. Along with that they offer a variety of surface finishes.

Rectangular Hollow section: The Rectangular Hollow section of Orrcon Steel ranges from 38x25mm to 400x300mm. The product strictly follows Australian Standard for structural steel with standard hollow section AS/NZS 1163. Also, it covers steel grades C350L0 and C250L0. Orrcon steel manufactures their products with a variety of surface finishes across a range of structural tubular. However, all finishes are not applicable for all sizes.


The Client/Partner

GM Poles is an Australian company specialized in fabricating and designing columns made of steel for the purpose of lighting, communication, signage, and surveillance. They are also one of the leading Transports and Main Roads supplier (TMR) of Australia. Along with that GM Poles has a prominent record in lighting projects across Australia.

The primary business ethics of GM Poles are to maintain the compliance with Australian Standards in whatever services and products they are providing along with full traceability.GM poles is a registered engineering company and hence they are authorized to provide engineering certificates for all of their related projects.


The Requirement

GM Poles is in a long-term partnership with Orrcon steel, and together they have worked on some of the best Australian lighting projects. In 2015, GM Poles worked in the lighting project where they required to manufacture and supply 168 circular poles with special designed steps in the purpose of public opening of Barangaroo Headland Park. This park is a popular stretch of landscape beside the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

The solution

GM Poles sourced the precision circular pipe along with the rectangular hollow section that was their required steel products for their project from Orrcon steel. The main benefits of selecting Orrcon steel tube and pipes were:

  • Orrcon steel was able to deliver the tubes and pipes with the generic lengths which do not follow standard lengths so that the products could be cut into various sizes as per the requirement. It ensures no product wastage. Not to mention, this was an added advantage which was not feasible with other similar manufacturers.

The Outcome

By utilizing Orrcon Steel’s remarkable and flexible steel solutions GM Poles were able to save more than 10% steel pipes with proper finishes. The project was completed within time and budget. The project was opened to the public on time and has now become a popular cycleway and walkway for Sydney-siders with beautiful lighting across the path. 

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