PR Guru interviews Mikel Kew, co-founder and CEO of Bargains 4 Business

1. Why do you need PR?  Even though the group buying and daily deal industries have beenexperiencing huge growth over the last two years, there are still a large number of people who are not yet aware of the concept. That is especially true for our business-focused target market.  People may be aware of the larger players in the consumer market, but are yet to realise that we provide a way for them to achieve significant savings on their business expenses too, not just on consumer items such as hairdressing, restaurants and day spas.  PR is a great way to gain exposure and raise awareness, and best of all, it’s relatively inexpensive. I’d say that it’s essential for any business to use PR to complement their marketing strategies.

2. How do you go about doing your own PR?  First, we try to come up with a good angle that we can leverage. It has to be something that will make a journalist (and their readers) take notice and actually want to hear about.  Once the angle is determined, it’s all about writing a great press release. This is an art in itself, and requires careful structuring to ensure that it resonates with the journalists that will be receiving it. The more it sounds like an actual article, the better, as many publications will copy and paste sections of it to use verbatim.  Last, but not least, is to distribute the press release to the relevant media targets. While not essential, existing relationships with journalists or editors go a long way towards pushing the release to the top of the pile.

3. What are some of your PR and media achievements?  So far we’ve been featured in: The Daily Telegraph,, MyBusiness, Dynamic Business, B&T, AdNews, mUmBRELLA, Direct, Daily Deal Media, Shoe String Startups, Eagle Waves Radio. A good portion of this PR coverage coincided with our launch, and provided a fantastic boost to get the ball rolling.

4. Which media story created the biggest response and why?  The biggest response by far was from the launch of our website. It was at a time when the daily deal industry was experiencing extremely rapid growth, and the concept of business (or B2B) deals was relatively new.  What really made the difference though was the help we had from PR Guru in assessing and revising our press release and providing us with a thorough and up-to-date media list to target.

5. What ‘must-do’ is at the top of the list for DIY PR advice?  It’s hard to pick any single ‘must do’ for DIY PR, but if you haven’t done any PR before, the most essential thing is to do your research and get good advice from those that have been successful in the past. Aside from that, the key elements are definitely a strong angle, a well written press release, and up-to-date media contacts.

6. What wouldn’t you do again?  The biggest thing we want to avoid in the future is putting our PR efforts on the backburner and leaving it to the last minute. It takes time to craft a good release.

7. What’s the hardest part of DIY PR?  The hardest part is definitely writing the perfect press release. Having a current media contact list and liaising properly with journalists is also vital, however the most challenging for us is writing the release.

8. What’s one change that would make DIY PR easier?  I’m not a talented writer by any means, so for me the biggest thing that makes the process easier is getting an experienced writer to help with developing the press release.  It would also be extremely helpful to have a set system for approaching and dealing with the media contacts. An email template to work from (both for initial contact and then for a follow-up) would definitely come in handy.

9. What’s next for Bargains 4 Business?  We’ve got a major site re-launch coming in 4-6 weeks. It’s going to feature an exciting new design, much better functionality for our users and most importantly, an even better selection of offers to choose from! We’ll definitely be working on some PR for this so stay tuned; if all goes well you’ll hear about it soon!

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