PR Guru: Six New Year PR Resolutions

Take some time out this summer to update your PR skills and identify what makes news in your business! We have Six New Year PR Resolutions that will keep you on track for publicity success!

PR Mantra: ‘In 2012, I will

1)       Plan my public relations activity at the start of the year

This is the time for business planning and also preparing your 12 month publicity timetable.  As you plot key events and activities for your business, note the newsworthy opportunities that can be capitalized on. The next step is to then diarise time well in advance to start developing your press material according to your target media’s deadline.

 2)       Update my press release writing skills

A well written press release grabs a journalist’s attention, states the news simply and provides relevant content, quotes and contact details for more information. The first paragraph should summarize the ‘who, what, when, where, how and why’ of your news. If you’re not confident with your press release writing skills, PR Guru can write it for you, or even review your copy!

3)       Take great images

A great image can take a story to new heights. When you’re planning your activity, don’t forget to organize for high quality ‘people’ and ‘product’ photographs. Shoot product images in the context of where or how they are used, and include photographs with a white background to increase chances of being used in ‘new product’ compilations.

4)       Prepare a story pitch BEFORE approaching the media

Daily newspapers run to extremely tight deadlines so journalists need to understand what you want quickly when you call them about your news. Be able to summarize it simply in 30 seconds, with a suitable story angle (or two) for the journalist’s readership; this will give you a better chance at sparking their interest.

5)       Respond quickly to media

It is important that you respond to journalists as soon as you can. Try and block out time to be available for media on the day you annouce your news. If you miss a call, don’t leave it until the next day to follow up as you may have missed their deadline. Remember to have your facts (such as statistics) on hand when talking to time poor journalists, so they get the information from you there and then.

6)       Ramp up your social media

If you are not already using social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, then 2012 is the year to consider how this medium could help with your publicity efforts. It might be simply tweeting about your appearances in the media, inviting your clients to give you feedback on Facebook, or ….

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