How To Setup Your Own Private Blog Network, Part 1 – Choosing Your Domains

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are a group of sites run for the purpose of providing backlinks to an owner’s primary website. The result will be that your primary website should see a spike in it’s search ranking position.

A PBN takes time to do properly. The more effort you put into your PBN sites and the content you place on them, the less conspicuous they will be.

With Google cracking down on these networks of late, it is more important than ever to cover your tracks with good quality content and anonymous domains.

Below is our step-by-step guide to setting up your own PBN for SEO purposes. This series will be broken up into three articles. This article will cover the first part of setting up domains and hosting in a way that will not draw suspicion from Google or your competitors.


Finding Domains

The first step to setting up your PBN is finding high-quality domains. Finding quality domains makes a big difference to the quality of your overall PBN. Start off with one website at a time. There is nothing more discouraging than having twenty unfinished PBN sites sitting there waiting to be completed.

Rather than purchasing a new domain and trying to build it up over a series of years, many SEO experts prefer to purchase expired domains with existing backlinks and high domain authority.

When purchasing domains it is recommended to buy quality domain names. Top-level domains such as .com, .org, .net or country specific domains are preferable.

Find domains that have expired – or are expiring within 24 hours – by visiting Do a search for all relevant domains with 100 backlinks minimum. We recommend to not purchase a domain with a hyphen.

When choosing your domains, look out for sites with a DA, Domain Authority, score of above 20, with at least 10 linking root domains. You will see this statistics lined up next to the domains in your search window.

Double-check the quality of back links on sites before purchasing them by logging in Ahrefs, Majestic or Open Site Explorer. These tools will help you assess if the backlinks are organic and quality. Don’t purchase the domains if the back links are obviously just spam and low quality.

Given how competitive PBNs have become lately, you may find it hard to find quality sites, however, PBNHQ ( can help. These sites are all good quality, and for a slight price, they will do a lot of the groundwork for you. Prices can range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, so be warned.

We recommend you avoid GoDaddy’s domain auction entirely. Several scammers may offer up domains, knowing what you are up to, and then blackmail you by threatening to report you to Google. This has been known to happen to novices and experts alike, so be careful. There’s no honour among thieves in the world of black hat SEO.

You may find good quality domains for you PBN on relevant Facebook Groups. Below are some groups we recommend.


  • Domains for Sale
  • The Proper PBN Group
  • The Domain PBN Marketplace
  • PBN, SEO & IM Marketplace


After finding the right domains you have to find a secure hosting system. Finding the right host plays a big part in keeping your PBN safe from exposure.


We hope that this article will help you navigate the pitfalls of setting up the infrastructure of your PBN. Read part two in our series to find out about hosting your sites.

If you would like to explore SEO tactics for your business then why not get in contact with a local SEO expert? Find out what competitive SEO techniques can guide you in setting up a strategy that will deliver for your website.

Do you employ SEO tactics already? What type of strategy do you employ? Do you have any recommendations for best or worse practise? We’d love to hear more about what your experiences have been.

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