Protect Your Plants from Caterpillar with Delfin

Duponchella is a caterpillar that can be a real pest and they can cause damage to a wide range of potted plants. However, they can be effectively controlled using the insecticide Delfin. Delfin is a biological insecticide that works just like any other Bt agent. Spray the preparation on leaves and the caterpillars will eat the spores and crystals formed by Bt. These are then transformed into lethal toxins in the caterpillars’ digestive tracts.

Effective treatment

When you are treating your plants with Delfin, it’s important to spray all the way down to the root collar. By making the whole plant wet, you will create an effective cover against the caterpillars. The more of the plant you cover, the more effective the protection will be.

Alternating products

Delfin provides a reliable alternative to chemical products. It’s the oldest and most well-known biological crop protection product.

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