Relocating your business is a GOOD idea and here’s why

So you’re thinking about relocating your business.  But you’re stuck on whether if it’s a good idea to begin with?

Maybe your idea to move was because of more opportunity with customers or get a nice view by the beach. Whatever the reason may be, indecisiveness can really get the best out of us sometimes.

With all that being said, we’re here to tell you that it’s ok to feel stuck in the process. However, we’re here to speed up the decision making process by giving you the 3 BEST reasons on why you should make the move. After studying these reasons carefully, you can then make the right decision on whether it’s time to move and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Relocating can increase work output

Everybody knows that a simple change in environment can make or break a performance in any setting. Simply changing the weather from gloomy to sunny is obvious evidence.

So with that being said, isn’t it equally important to assess whether the environment you are in is going to increase productivity?

These subtle and minute discomforts people face during their day in an office are small reasons workers quickly become agitated with which can destroy their work output.

Even just sitting in an environment with better aesthetics could make a difference in performance for workers. For example, I’m sure most of us would prefer a view in our office.

Some people even work in places like New York City not just because of opportunity, but the views are absolutely gorgeous!

So if you’re serious about keeping your workers in for the long game, a business relocation might just be the only reason why you should.

Relocating can bring in more revenue

Simply relocating your business to an area which is more proximal to your customer demographic could create a substantial difference in the amount of money you receive.

i.e. if you notice the main demographic of your store is tourists, simply moving into a space in the CBD could mean much more business. This is because the sky tower is an attraction many tourists will come too.

If they see your shop with tourist goodies somewhere proximal to this, why would they not want to invest in what you have to offer?

Increasing revenue also doesn’t just have to occur on a macro scale. It doesn’t have to be your annual revenue increasing days within relocating.

It can also increase in weeks, maybe even months through ways which you not have realised.

For example, relocating may mean travel distance for your current works is significantly decreased. This could mean a substantial amount of money is saved not just for your workers, but maybe even a significant cut in travel allowance for workers.

I would just in case, survey where your workers are situated at the moment. This is because if they all reside in an area close to your business, moving may discourage them from wanting to work long term as longer travel times can definitely impact the longevity of workers wanting to be in your organisation.

Relocating can bring in more employees

If you’ve assessed your business in light of the amount of employees it has and you’re wanting to increase, this could be the best decision you could make.

As mentioned previously, moving to a central location can help your current workers get to work easier. The hidden benefit out of this this also means your business can face more demand for more workers.

For example, we know that the Auckland CBD is an excellent location for food. Everywhere you go in the Auckland CBD, it’s flooded with restaurants from different countries over the world.

This means that if a restaurant were to move there, the location is more centralised meaning you are opening up more opportunities for workers to come from other parts of the region into your area. It would also be a great idea to hire a moving company Auckland to help you get the move as smooth as possible. They offer a many different services, such as packing services.

This could be the one factor that could be the reason why your business is slowing down at the moment. It might be a good idea to move if you’re experiencing this.

Summing up

In summary, we’ve covered the top 3 reasons on why relocating your business is definitely a good idea. If you need more staff or need to increase the productivity of your workers, bringing in a new taste of the city or environment could mean a big difference for your business.

If you feel that you may be missing out on any of the reasons above, it would definitely be worth a shot as that could be the very reason why your business is not excelling at the pace you would like.

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