Twitter or Facebook? Are you a small business teetering on twitterphobia?

PR Guru exhibited at both the Small Business BIG Marketing and My Business Expo in Melbourne recently and surveyed over 100 small businesses about DIY PR.

The result – a staggering 60% of respondents are using Facebook for their business but only 31% are using Twitter.

Twitter is emerging as one of the more effective online business tools.  Not only does it allow you to monitor and participate in conversations about your brand, provide information about your products and services and allows you to follow hundreds of journalists, it also helps you generate some highly effective PR. The best part is, it’s free!

Here are PR Guru’s tips to make the most of the Twitterverse:                

People would rather follow PRGuruJulie than PRGuru so remember to make your news from yourself as the business owner.

  • Promote your social media links in your email signature, your website, your blog and your press releases. You can also allow Twitter to scan your email accounts to find your existing contacts/clients, so you can follow them and hopefully they’ll follow you back.
  • Follow journalists who cover your space – you can find out what’s top of mind for them and comment when appropriate, or react quickly with a relevant pitch and/or press release.
  • Twitter is great for announcing “small wins” that aren’t worthy of press releases, but are interesting all the same.
  • Track twitter mentions of your business through various services including, or – all freely available!

And remember, your tweets are more or less public and cannot be undone, so exercise some basic caution about what you want ‘on the record’.

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