Two minutes with 2UE breakfast co-host Sarah Morice

In our latest Taboo newsletter we asked Sarah Morice to tell us a little more about her role as Breakfast co-host with Dicko.  Here’s what she said:

What is fresh and new about 2UE Breakfast? This year Dicko and I have teamed up.  He brings a world of life experience coupled with his quirky sense of humour which complements my more serious hunger to bring you what you need to know about the biggest news stories of the day.

A 2UE breakfast listener likes… to be informed and have fun. They’re busy juggling a work/life balance but aren’t too busy to form their own opinions.

What are the three things you look for when deciding on a story? Is the story engaging, entertaining and accessible?

The biggest difference between ‘news’ and breakfast radio is…We’re more than headlines.  We put the news into context for our listeners and deliver it with some personality and opinion.

“The best way to grab my attention is to…take your shirt off and dance around naked.  If that doesn’t work, email our producers.

At the moment  I’m on the hunt for…a husband, a new entertainment unit and a recipe for a fail-safe chocolate souffle.

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